Research Group on Personal Autonomy, Dependence and Severe Mental Disorders (TMAP)

Metabolism and Organic Damage Area

Contribute to the prevention of signs of frailty and cognitive and functional impairment in populations at risk

Favor the identification of biomarkers and endophenotypes associated with cognitive deficits and functional impairment in people with severe mental disorders and other chronic diseases that occur with deterioration in these areas

Understand the unexpected associations between apparently different diseases such as Cancer and diseases of the Central Nervous System

Continue studies of the increased burden of disease due to mental disorders and neurological diseases such as dementia

Participate in expert groups to reach consensus on nutritional medicine and other clinical practices in modern psychiatry

Dr. Rafael Tabarés Seisdedos
Dr. Rafael Tabarés Seisdedos

Leading, R4

Rafael Tabarés Seisdedos    
Vicente Balanzá Martínez
Manuel Gómez Beneyto

Established, R3

Gabriel Selva Vera
Inmaculada Fuentes Durá
Jose Salazar Fraile
Manuel Girón Giménez
Patricia Correa Ghisays

Recognised/Emerging, R2

Constanza San Martín Valenzuela
Diego Macías Saint-Gerons
Jaume Forés Martos
Pau Soldevila Matías

First Stage, R1

Joan Vicent Sánchez Ortí

Collaborating Researchers
Administrative assistant
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Reference: PID2021-129099OB-100
Title: MULTImorbilidad en personas con trastornos del Sistema Nervioso Central: una prioridad para la salud global desde los registros médicos
Funding body: Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación
Principal Investigator: Rafael Tabarés Seisdedos
Duration: 2022 – 2024
Total budget: 104.060 €
Reference: PI20-00066
Title: Adaptación y validación de la batería cognitiva Brief Assessment of Cognition App (BAC App) y del Virtual Reality Assessment of Functional Capacity Tool (VRFCAT) para su uso en España
Funding body: Instituto de Salud Carlos III – Cofinanciado FEDER
Principal Investigator: Rosa Ayesa Arriola
Duration: 2021 – 2023
Total budget: 87.120 €
Reference: 201904DMC
Title: Drug safety and effectiveness network methods and apllications group in indirect comparisons (DSEN MAGIC) Team
Funding body: Canadian Institutes of Health Research/Drug Safety and Effectiveness Network
Principal Investigator: Hutton B, Moher D, Straus SE, Wells G
Duration: 2019 – 2023
Total budget: 2.875.010,80
Reference: PI17/00719
Title: Identificación de biomarcadores epigenéticos periféricos asociados con el déficit neurocognitivo en personas con trastorno bipolar, depresión, esquizofrenia y diabetes tipo 2
Funding body: Instituto de Salud Carlos III – Cofinanciado FEDER
Principal Investigator: Rafael Tabarés Seisdedos
Duration: 2018 – 2020
Total budget: 105.270 €
Reference: CB07/09/0021
Title: CIBER de Salud Mental (CIBERSAM)
Funding body: Instituto de Salud Carlos III – Cofinanciado FEDER
Principal Investigator: Rafael Tabarés Seisdedos
Duration: 2015 –
Total budget:
+ Info
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Title: Eficacia de un programa de musicoterapia como tratamiento complementario a la intervención psicosocial en la recuperación de la esquizofrenia y otras psicosis
Doctoral candidate: Pérez Aguado, Oscar
Director(s): Fuentes Dura, Inmaculada; Ruíz Ruiz, Juan Carlos; Dasi Vivo, Carmen
Date of the defense: 24/03/2023
University: Universitat de València

Title: Estudio comparativo sobre la presencia del estigma social asociado al trastorno mental grave en estudiantes de psicología de la Universitat de València
Doctoral candidate: López Palanca, Irene
Director(s): Sancerni Beitia, María Dolores; Ruíz Ruiz, Juan Carlos; Fuentes Dura, Inmaculada
Date of the defense: 03/02/2023
University: Universitat de València

Title: Epidemiological and molecular associations between central nervous system disorders and cancer
Doctoral candidate: Forés Martos, Jaume
Director(s): Tabarés Seisdedos, Rafael; Catalá López, Ferrán; Climent Bataller Joan
Date of the defense: 21/07/2021
University: Universitat de València

Title: Efectos de un programa de intervención psicoeducativa en la calidad de vida de los/las pacientes durante sus tratamientos de Reproducción Asistida
Doctoral candidate: Abad Villavicencio, Ruth Elizabeth
Director(s): Fuentes Durá, Inmaculada; Dasí Vivo, Carmen; Romeu Villarroya, Mónica
Date of the defense: 21/05/2021
University: Universitat de València

Title: Funcionamiento neurocognitivo y psicosocial de pacientes con trastorno bipolar en una Unidad de Salud Mental
Doctoral candidate: Vidal Rubio, Sonia del Lluch
Director(s): Balanzá Martínez, Vicent; Romeu Climent, José Enrique
Date of the defense: 19/06/2019
University: Universitat de València