The mission of INCLIVA’s International Projects Unit (UPI) is to promote the internationalisation of health research in the different areas of the Clinical University Hospital of Valencia, its health department, as well as various research groups of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Valencia and the Carlos Simon Foundation. To this end, the UPI INCLIVA supports research staff in their participation in European and international R&D&I funding programmes and comprehensively manages the projects obtained.

  • Expert participation in defining design processes of Europe-wide calls
  • Analysis and dissemination of international calls, directing each group to proposals of specific interest in their area
  • Positioning INCLIVA in national and international events and forums to promote research carried out by INCLIVA’s research groups and seek potential collaborators
  • Training research staff in proposal preparation and international project management
  • Supporting research teams in preparing and reviewing coordinated proposals and in participating as a partner
  • Scientific-technical and administrative management of projects awarded, together with resource management and economic justification
  • Maintaining ongoing links with national and European organizations involved in European fund structuring
  • Positioning the unit’s own research staff as expert assessors of projects within different European Commission calls
Head of Unit

Ana Ferrer Albero

Telephone: +34 961 62 89 43



Submitted proposals
Granted projects
Coordinated projects
of cumulative funding
no image Coordination Ana Ferrer Albero, PhD
no image Financial management Ana Duarte Flores
no image Resources management Eugenia Flores
no image Projects management Elvira del Pozo Aviñó
no image Projects management Ana Miralles Marco, PhD
no image Projects management Victoria Doldán Martelli, PhD
no image Projects management Mónica Gorbe Moya
no image Communication Alexandra Muñoz Oliver
  • 199 proposals submitted in different calls for proposals
  • 30 projects awarded (from the 199proposals)
  • 3 projects coordinated in the H2020 Health call (from among the 34 projects)
  • 54.9% of H2020 Health call projects funded, 15.6% in the ICT call and 8.5% in DG SANTE (see figure for proposal distribution by call)

  • 10 COST shares owned
  • Collaboration with nearly 660 national and international entities (around 25 of which are patient associations, 200 companies, 160 universities, 80 hospitals, 120 research centres and the rest divided between public administrations, NGOs, mutual organisations, etc.)
  • €9.049.829,30 obtained in funding (see accumulative figure)

  • €1.586.659,28 in indirect costs

The following research groups have shown the greatest participation in preparation of European proposals and highest returns (see Table and figures):

Cardiometabolic and renal risk Prof Josep Redón Internal Medicine 53 7 2.799.844,25€
Innovativive diagnostic and new therapeutical developments in solid tumors Prof Andrés Cervantes Oncology and Haematology 23 6 2.546.938,42€
Innovativive diagnostic and new therapeutical developments in solid tumors Dr Tania Fleitas Oncology 5 1 1.138.750,00€
Reproductive medicine Prof Carlos Simón Paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology 2 1 1.138.435,00€
Breast cancer biology Dr Cristina Hernando Oncology 4 2 882.675,00€
Cardiac experimental electrophysiology Dr Clara Bonanad Cardiology 2 1 758.376,41€
Aging and physical activity Prof José Viña Physiology 8 3 464.102,50€
Preventive medicine Prof José María Martín Moreno Preventive Medicine and Public Health 2 1 444.500,00€
Nefrology Dr José Luis Górriz Nephrology 2 1 420.563,00€
Heart Failure Dr Julio Núñez Cardiology 2 1 282.625,00€

* Data updated as of December 2022.

INCLIVA has obtained funding from the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities through the call ‘Acciones de Dinamización: Europa Redes y Gestores-Europa Centros Tecnológicos’ of the year 2019 (Reference ECT2019-000460) to strengthen its International Projects Unit and increase its international presence.