The INCLIVA Biomedical Research Institute has a Computer Unit that is responsible for keeping all computer, audiovisual and telecommunications infrastructures located in the INCLIVA facilities in operation.

It also provides support and technical advice to the institution’s workers.


This unit is located on the ground floor of the INCLIVA building.


Computer consulting in projects, backups, teleworking, computer incidents, corporate mail, telephony, web development, cloud storage, purchasing advice.

Supercomputing and Storage Services:

  • Access to high-capacity computing resources.
  • Data storage.
  • Accommodation, configuration and administration of the computer infrastructure of the research groups in our data processing center.

Miguel Herreros Martínez
Enrique Herreras Monzó
Antonio Macías Mochales
Francisco Sánchez González
Ángel Henández Ortiz
Germán Sánchez Sánchez


Miguel Herreros Martínez

Computer Assistance

Remote Support

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