The Precision Medicine Unit (PMU), created in 2018, is a transversal research support platform that offers an innovative portfolio of services available to any researcher. Its mission is to drive, promote and execute quality translational research offering support in both Molecular Biology and Data Analysis techniques.

The unit’s staff has more than 14 years of experience in the development of activities related to Genetic Diagnosis, through the use of different omics platforms and other molecular techniques.

The MPU has state-of-the-art technologies and highly specialized personnel in its management, both in terms of laboratory techniques and bioinformatics.

The offer of services is open both to staff from the INCLIVA Foundation itself and from other institutions, both public and private.


The services presented below can be requested with or without data analysis.

  1. Mass sequencing (Next- Generation Sequencing or NGS):
    • Design, development, validation and sequencing of custom gene panels
    • Sequencing and analysis of exomes
    • Sequencing of complete genomes
    • De novo sequencing of small genomes
    • Sequencing of the total RNA or of the polyA fraction (RNASeq)
    • Sequencing of the microtranscriptome (smallRNAs / miRNAs)
  1. Illumina microarrays :
    • Methylation arrays (laboratory + analysis)
    • Genotyping arrays ( laboratory + analysis)
  1. Digital-PCR
  2. Nanostring system (laboratory + analysis)
  3. Chrome system Controller (Single cell)
  4. Other molecular biology techniques:
    • Nucleic acid extraction (DNA, RNA, cfDNA , miRNA …)
    • Design of simple and multiplex PCRs
    • Quantitative PCR
  1. Additional services:
    • Advice and methodological support in the writing of protocols, research projects, articles, bachelor’s/master’s final projects and doctoral theses.
    • Training on demand.
    • Consultancy.
  • Two massive Illumina -powered sequencers: MiSeq and NextSeq 550.
  • Illumina iScan system for high-throughput or custom microarrays.
  • NanoString platform.
  • Digital PCR – ddPCR from BioRad.
  • Chrome system Control for Single Cell studies.
  • Quantitative thermocycler.
  • Standard Thermal Cyclers.
  • Qiaxcel system for the visualization of DNA fragments.
  • Laminar flow hoods, centrifuges, stoves, etc.
  • High capacity computing servers.
  • Redundant storage system.
  • Quantification equipment by fluorescence, absorbance and luminescence Glomax Discovery (Promega)
  • Maxwell RSC Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit (Promega)

The unit has quality accreditations and a long history in the development of diagnostic kits based on gene panels applied to molecular genetic diagnosis and Personalized Medicine.
ISO 9001:2015 certification
Reference: ER-0309/2020
Obtain date: 07/28/2020
Renovation date: 28/07/2023
Scope: Genetic screening and research support services.


PhD. Pilar Rentero


Enrique Seda García
Sebastian Blesa Luján
Laura González Castillo

Telephone: 96 197 35 17
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Fax: 96 386 49 26


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