Translational Oncology


– Identification of diagnostic biomarkers that help the early identification of patients
– Identification of biomarkers of resistance to treatment or relapses
– Development of functional models mimetic to the characteristics of the patient
– Development of decision support systems through data analysis

Research Lines

– Liquid biopsy as a diagnostic tool
– Functional models of organoids, murine and 3D bioprinted for the study of resistance and drug screening
– Integration of molecular and image data for the development of decision support systems
– Promote the development and implementation of programs in advanced therapies, particularly, CAR-T cells cell therapy and other models
– Continuous improvement of the inclusion of patients in clinical trials, in coordination with primary care

Clinical Groups

Associated Clinical Group in Pharmacy (Dr. Manuel Alós Almiñana)
Associated Clinical Group in Urology (Dr. José Martínez Jabaloyas)
Research Group on Breast Cancer Biology (Dra. Ana Lluch Hernández, Dra. Pilar Eroles Asensio)
Research Group of Innovative Diagnostic and Therapeutical Developments in Solid Tumors – InDeST (Dr. Andrés Cervantes Ruipérez)
Research Group on Myeloid Neoplasms (Dra. Mar Tormo Díaz)
Research Group on Lymphoproliferative Disorders (Dra. Mª José Terol Casterá )
Research Group on Hematopoietic Transplantation (Dr. Carlos Solano Vercet)
Translational Research Group on Pediatric Solid Tumors (Dr. Samuel Navarro Fos, Dra. Rosa Noguera Salvá)

Experimental Groups

Clinical Services Associated to the Program

Department of Radiology
Department of Pathological Anatomy
Central Laboratory
Department of Pharmacy
Department of Urology

Associated program platforms

Precission Medicine Unit
Bioinformatics and Biostatistics Unit


Dr. Andrés Cervantes Ruipérez