Research Group on Therapies Against Endometriosis and Endometrial Cancer

Reproductive Medicine Area

To refine the development of homologous and heterologous animal models initiated in the laboratory so that they allow to reproduce endometriosis in a more physiological way, reflecting the pain and infertility associated with it in order to achieve greater transferability of the findings in these to the clinic

On these optimized endometriosis animal models, evaluate whether immunomodulatory compounds, such as those currently marketed for clinical use in the non-hormonal treatment of osteoporosis, are effective in the remission of pain as well as in the improvement of fertility

To narrow down the molecular mechanisms involved in improving the parameters under study in order to refine therapeutic targets

To evaluate the clinical feasibility of early non-invasive diagnosis of endometriosis through the combined analysis of multiple biomarkers

Dr. Raúl Gómez Gallego
Dr. Raúl Gómez Gallego;

Leading, R4
Established, R3

Raúl Gómez Gallego    

Recognised/Emerging, R2
First Stage, R1
Collaborating Researchers

César Lizán Tudela
Francisco José Bonilla Bartret
María José Fernández Ramírez


Carles Antúnez Muñoz

Administrative assistant
Rodent animal models of endometriosis-associated pain: unmet needs and resources available for improving translational research in endometriosis. Tejada MA, Antunez C, Nunez Badinez P, De Leo B, Saunders PT, Vincent K, Cano A, Nagel J, Gomez R. International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 2023 Jan 26;24(3):2422. doi: 10.3390/ijms24032422. PMID: 36768741

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Reference: PI20/01835
Title: Evaluación del potencial papel terapéutico de la inhibición de RANK en modelos optimizados de dolor e infertilidad asociados a endometriosis
Funding body: Instituto de Salud Carlos III – Cofinanciado FEDER
Principal Investigator: Raúl Gómez Gallego
Duration: 2021 – 2023
Total budget: 98.010 €
Reference: FIPSE 3724-20
Title: Diagnóstico precoz no invasivo de endometriosis mediante análisis de nuevos biomarcadores a través de machine learning
Funding body: Fundación para la Innovación y Prospectiva en Salud en España (FIPSE)
Principal Investigator: Raúl Gómez Gallego
Duration: 2020 – 2020
Total budget: 30.000 €
Reference: 777500- IMI-PainCare
Title: Improving the care of patients suffering from acute or chronic pain
Funding body: European Commission
Principal Investigator: Raúl Gómez Gallego
Duration: 2018 – 2023
Total budget: 257.066 €
Reference: PI17/02329
Title: Papel de los agonistas dopaminergicos en el dolor e infertilidad asociados a endometriosis en modelos animales de nueva generación
Funding body: Instituto de Salud Carlos III – Cofinanciado FEDER
Principal Investigator: Raúl Gómez Gallego
Duration: 2018 – 2021
Total budget: 111.320 €
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Title: Efecto terapéutico del compuesto BO-110 en un modelo animal de leiomioma
Doctoral candidate: Juárez Pallarés, Irene
Director(s): Gómez Gallego, Raúl; Pellicer Martínez, Antonio
Date of the defense: 13/06/2023
University: University de Valencia

Title: Impact of bazedoxifene on endothelial health markers
Doctoral candidate: Dudenko Lozenko, Darya
Director(s): Cano Sánchez, Antonio; Tarín Folgado, Juan José; Gómez Gallego, Raúl
Date of the defense: 30/06/2020
University: Universitat de València

Title: Evaluación estandarizada del potencial antiangiógénico del agonista dopaminérgico en el tratamiento de la endometriosis
Doctoral candidate: Blanca Ruiz, Taqua
Director(s): Cano Sánchez, Antonio; Gómez Gallego, Raúl
Date of the defense: 17/01/2019
University: Universitat de València