InnDIH – Valencia Region Digital Innovation Hub

InnDIH is the Digital Innovation Hub based in the Valencia Region representing a major public-private collaborative effort where the business ecosystem, universities, technological and research centres, healthcare-biotech-research institutes, and public administrations join forces to promote the digitalization of SMEs and Public Administration. It boosts the economic development of the Valencia Region by bringing digital technologies, by guaranteeing that any company and public administration in the region has access to know-how, training, business support, technologies, infrastructure, and laboratories to improve and accelerate its digitalization.

InnDIH will demonstrate the impact on digital transformation and its evolution offered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and related technologies (HPC, cybersecurity, big data, robotics) as a one-stop-shop for supporting SMEs and public sector in their digital transition and leveraging its capabilities at EU level: exporting and importing complementary competences and infrastructures from the European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIH) network. So, it provides a balanced set of services depending on the skills of the consortium and the agreements that have been established with other EDIHs candidates to cover additional areas

InnDIH mission is to ensure the digitalization of the SMEs ecosystem and the public sector in the Valencia Region, as the Valencian European Digital Innovation Hub, through the uptake of Artificial Intelligence to generate a digital and technologically advanced productive system in the region, aligned with the AI56 and S37 strategies.


InnDIH is composed by a complementary and an effective consortium, promoted by AVI and led by ITI, and it has been established as a non-profit partnership with a strong expertise and connections at European level, that promotes the development and the implementation of digital technologies in the Health & Quality of Life and Advanced Manufacturing domains. The partners have an extended curriculum and expertise on providing the full range of digital solutions and services with a high sectorial transversality. Therefore, it has a high potential to establish collaborative actions worldwide.

The InnDIH members add up a total of 32 between beneficiaries and affiliated entities: UV, UPV, UA, UMH, UJI, ITI, AITEX, IBV, AINIA, ITC-AICE, AIMPLAS, INESCOP, ITE, AIJU, ITENE, AIDIMME, CSIC, REDIT, RUVID, FISABIO, INCLIVA, HULAFE, Inndromeda Asoc, Insomnia, CEV, FEMEVAL, CCCV, CCIV, CCIAl, CCIC, ATEVAL, and AECTA.

There are also 14 supportive partners, with no dedicated budget, covering different roles and support, from participation in the InnDIH events and helping to disseminate its activities: COIICV, COITCV, IICV, AEI VALMETAL, QUIMACOVA, AVIA, FEMPA, STARTUP VALENCIA, VLCTECH, FHPCS, ISABIAL, FIHGUV, CCIAy, and CCIO.

IVACE, Institute for companies competitivity, and AVI, the Innovation Valencian Institute, are linked to InnDIH as associated partners, to ensure institutional support and alignment of the regional policies in digitalization and to link with other regional agents and activities, to ensure a smooth and complete operation for digitalization of the Valencian Ecosystem.

The operation with EEN agents is ensured by the integration of these partners: IVACE, CEV, REDIT, and CEV, CCCV, UA as local contact points for the EEN.

 INCLIVA’s role

InnDIH Services have been grouped in the 4 orientations of EDIHs: Test before Invest, Support to find

investments, Skills and training, Innovation ecosystem and networking.

INCLIVA will give support to SMEs and PAs in their digital transformation providing specific services, from the 4 areas of action defined.


InnDIH is a Project funded by the European Union through the Digital Europe Program, Grant Agreement nº101083002.   


Digital Europe Programme


Dr. Josep Redón


Affiliated entity


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