The INCLIVA Biobank is a support platform for biomedical research, whose main function is to make high-quality human biological samples and associated data available to the scientific community, always safeguarding the rights of donors.

The INCLIVA Biobank is authorized by the General Directorate of Organization, Evaluation, Research, Quality and Patient Care of the Generalitat Valenciana since May 30, 2013, with file number BI/08/2012. In addition, it is registered in the National Registry of Biobanks, with registration number B.0000768, and in the General Data Protection Registry of the Spanish Data Protection Agency (code 2111521690).

The INCLIVA Biobank is part of the Valencian Network of Biobanks (RVB) and of the current Platform of Biobanks and Biomodels Platform (PT20/00029). This is one of the ISCIII Platforms to Support R&D&i in Biomedicine and Health Sciences of the Strategic Action in Health 2017-2020, whose IP is Dr. Antonio Ferrández Izquierdo.

  • Create and maintain a critical mass of normal and pathological biological samples, collected and guarded in optimal conditions, to be used in the field of biomedical research.
  • Provide technical support to the institution’s research units and groups, becoming a strategic development tool for them and improving the scientific and healthcare quality of their activities.
  • Establish a quality assurance policy that covers all processes related to the management of biological samples intended for research.
  • Increase the accessibility of biological samples to research groups.
  • Supply the aforementioned material to research groups of the institution itself, or outside of it, that meet the scientific and ethical requirements for the use of this type of samples.
  • Promote translational research, favoring the incorporation of new techniques and new markers for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and patient follow-up.
  • Guarantee respect for the fundamental rights and freedoms, protection of the dignity and identity and treatment of the personal data of the donor subjects.
  • Establish collaborative networks with other biobanks.
  • Management of requests for biological material for research.
  • Ethical/legal advice on the creation of new collections.
  • Technical and scientific advice on the treatment of biological samples.
  • Conservation and custody of human biological samples.
  • Cryopreservation of viable cells.
  • Processing of human biological samples: peripheral blood, bone marrow, fresh, frozen or paraffin-embedded tissue, urine, cerebrospinal fluid, etc.
  • Extraction of DNA, RNA, miRNAs and proteins from the different types of biological samples.
  • Obtaining serum and plasma.
  • Obtaining erythrocytes and PBMCs from peripheral blood.
  • Extraction of circulating miRNAs in serum / plasma / urine.
  • Histone purification from different biological samples.
  • Histological sections of frozen and paraffin-embedded tissue.
  • Staining of histological sections.
  • Quality controls of human biological samples.

For other unspecified services, contact

  • -80 ºC ULT freezers
  • -20ºC fridge and freezer
  • Immediate freezing system at –110 ºC (Coolsafe 110 –SCANVAC-)
  • Nitrogen tank for cryopreservation of viable cells CBS 1500
  • Centralized liquid CO2 supply and support system for ultra-freezers
  • Control system for sample storage equipment: continuous recording of equipment temperature and remote and telephone alarm management
  • Gas sensors (CO2 and O2) as safety systems in sample storage rooms
  • Computer equipment for multi-network work
  • Information management system for registering samples and associated data (SGI of the Conselleria de Sanitat)
  • Automated nucleic acid extraction systems
  • Biomek i5 span-8 aliquoter with mobile workstation, for automated aliquoting of liquid biological samples
  • Gas extractor cabin
  • Type IIA Biological Safety Cabinet
  • Electrophoresis systems
  • Spectrophotometer and fluorimeter
  • Tissue homogenizer
  • Cell counter
  • Basic laboratory equipment: centrifuges, thermoblock, pipettes, thermostatic bath, vacuum pump, labellers, etc

PhD. Antonio Ferrández
PhD. Lorena Peiró Chova
Olga Bahamonde Ponce
Marta Belda Moscardó
Ángela Bañuls Alemany
Laura Blasco Maza

Responsible / Scientific Director

PhD. Antonio Ferrández


PhD. Lorena Peiró

Avenida Menéndez Pelayo 4 accesory, 4th floor
46010 Valencia

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