Dr. Manuel Mata Roig

Principal Investigator
Research Group on Histopathology and Tissue Engineering


Dr. Manuel Mata Roig has a degree in Biology (1997) from the University of Alicante. In 2000 he obtained an FPI scholarship that allowed him to carry out his doctoral thesis focused on the development of a functional in vitro model of respiratory mucosa for drug screening (Universitat de València, 2003) in the research group directed by Professor Morcillo. He has experience in in vivo and in vitro experimental models (human tissues and primary epithelial, endothelial, fibroblastic and smooth muscle cells) as well as in the development of several drugs, highlighting the PDE4 inhibitor Roflumilast (finally approved by the FDA and the Agency Spanish Medicine for the treatment of COPD). His postdoctoral experience includes collaborations with prestigious international research groups such as the one led by Nobel Prize winner Eric J Kandel.
He is the author of more than ninety articles published in JCR (2176 total citations, H-index of 26) and has led competitive funded research projects continuously since 2011.
Both researchers currently collaborate with renowned researchers in the field of tissue engineering such as professors José Luis Gómez Ribelles or Manuel Monleón Prada from CBIT (UPV), professor Julio Suay from UJI or professor Antonio Campos Muñoz from the University of Granada.

Dr. Manuel Mata Roig


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Reference: PID2019-106099RB-C42
Title: Microgeles biomiméticos para el estudio del microentorno del tumor (TME) y la transición epitelio mesénquima (EMT) en cáncer de pulmón
Funding body: Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación
Principal Investigator: Manuel Mata Roig, José Javier Martín de Llano
Duration: 2020 – 2023
Total budget: 151.250 €
Reference: PI16/01315
Title: Sustitutos traqueales epitelizados generados por ingeniería
Funding body: Instituto de Salud Carlos III – Cofinanciado FEDER
Principal Investigator: Miguel Armengot, Manuel Mata
Duration: 2017 – 2020
Total budget: 68.365 €
+ Info
Title: Sustitutos traqueales generados por ingeniería tisular
Doctoral candidate: Foschini Martinez, Giovanna
Director(s): Galán Gil, Genaro; Mata Roig, Manuel; Carda Batalla, Carmen
Date of the defense: 06/05/2022
University: Universitat de València

Title: Regeneración de cartílago mediante el uso de células madre de pulpa dental humanas (HDPSCS)
Doctoral candidate: Oliver Ferrándiz, María
Director(s): Mata Roig, Manuel; Martín De Llano, José Javier
Date of the defense: 04/03/2021
University: Universitat de València