Dr. José Mª Vila Salinas

Principal Investigator
Research Group on Vascular Function


Dr. Vila, University Professor in the Department of Physiology, holds a degree and a PhD in Pharmacy from the University of Valencia. He teaches in the degrees of Pharmacy, Medicine, Dentistry and Podiatry and in the master’s degree of Physiology. His research is developed in the field of cardiovascular physiology. The main areas of interest focus on the mechanisms of circulation regulation, mainly those involved in vascular function. Current topics of work revolve around the role of the endothelium in cardiometabolic diseases such as obesity, type II diabetes and hypertension; the use of nanoparticles in the field of medicine and the study of the protective anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect of medicine. These lines of research have been supported by more than 20 research projects in which he has participated as a collaborating researcher or principal investigator. He is co-author of a hundred articles in international journal and has supervised more than 20 doctoral theses.

Dr. José Mª Vila Salinas
Dr. José Mª Vila Salinas


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Title: Interacciones de la ranolazina con agentes vasoactivos endógenos y exógenos.
Doctoral candidate: Campos Carot, Elena
Director(s): Vila Salinas, José Mª; Mauricio Aviñó, Mª Dolores; Martínez León, Juan B
Date of the defense: 19/12/2022
University: Universitat de València