Overweight and Cardiovascular and Renal Risk


-To deepen in the early alterations, mechanisms and biomarkers that contribute to the development of obesity, vascular and renal alterations as a complication, from its fetal, biological, genetic and environmental origins
– To know potential signaling pathways susceptible to be therapeutic targets
– Early application of new technologies for the prevention and treatment of obesity and vascular and renal alterations in overweight subjects

Research Lines

– To identify early vascular and renal changes in overweight subjects and in animal models
– To study the state, mechanisms of vascular inflammation and endothelial injury in overweight and animal models
– To analyze the relationship of “-omic” markers (genomic, epigenetic and metabolomic) with obesity and vascular and renal alterations in overweight and animal models
– Interaction of biomarkers (biological, genomic and metabolic) and intervention in progression to obesity and vascular and renal complications

Clinical Groups

Research Group on the Study of Cardiometabolic and Renal Risk (Dr. Josep Redón i Mas)
Cardiometabolic Research Group on Primary Care (Dr. Jorge Navarro Pérez)
Research Group on Pedriatric Nutrition (Dra. Cecilia Martínez Costa)
Research Group on General and Digestive Surgery (Dr. Joaquín Ortega Serrano)
Research Group in Care. INVESTENF-INCLIVA (Dra. Mª José Gastaldo Zaragozá)
Research Group on the Study of Cardiovascular Risk in Children and Adolescents (Dra. Empar Lurbe i Ferrer)
Research Group in Medical Chemistry for Drug Development (Dra. Nuria Cabedo Escrig)

Experimental Groups

Research Group on Endothelial Cells (LINCE) (Dr. Carlos Hermenegildo Caudevilla, Dra. Susana Novella del Campo)
Research Group on Exercise, Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle (Dra. Mª Carmen Gómez Cabrera)
Research Group on Metabolic Diseases (Dra. Herminia González Navarro)
Research Group on Molecular Imaging and Metabolomics (Dr. Daniel Monleón Salvadó)
Research Group on Inflammation (Dr. Esteban Morcillo Sánchez, Dra. Mª Jesús Sanz Ferrando)
Research Group on Nuclear Receptors in Cardiometabolic Pathology (Dra. Laura Piqueras Ruiz)
Genomics and Diabetes Unit (Dr. Felipe Javier Chaves Martínez)


Dr. José Tomás Real Collado

Dr. Josep Redón i Mas