Research Group on Central Nervous System Tumors

Oncology Area

Clinical-pathological study of 40 patients affected by primary glioblastoma according to established protocol:

– Short-cell cultures and their viability analysis have been performed. Analysis by FISH of EGFR status and freezing of the different passes according to established methodology

– The study of the proteomic analysis of the 40 tumors (frozensamples) by Western Blott according to established methodology has been completed

Experimental study:

– Spheres (neurospheres) have been elaborated from different cell lines and cell cultures of glioblastoma, characterizing and analyzing their behavior

– Analysis of cultures subjected to silencing and overexpression by transfection of miRNAs by the lipofection method

– Analysis of cell cultures in hypoxia situation, analyzing their characteristics and behavior before silencing and overexpression by transfection of selected miRNAs in hypoxia situation and in the different amplification status of the EGFR

– The pilot study of viability and effectiveness of xenotransplantation in nude mice has been completed with the achievement of neoplasias under study

Dr. Miguel Cerdá Nicolás
Dr. Miguel Cerdá Nicolás

Leading, R4

Miguel Cerdá Nicolás    

Established, R3

Concepción López Ginés
Javier Megías Vericat
Pedro Roldán Badía
Teresa San Miguel Díez

Recognised/Emerging, R2

Pablo Cerdá Durán
Lisandra Muñoz Hidalgo

First Stage, R1
Collaborating Researchers

Lara Navarro Cerveró

Administrative assistant
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Reference: PID2021-125485NB-C21
Title: Astrofísica computacional y análisis de datos
Funding body: Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación
Principal Investigator: Pablo Cerdá Durán
Duration: 2022 – 2025
Total budget: 207.000 €
Reference: AP-2021-001
Title: LIGAM1: Efecto de la activación de TLR por medio de sus ligandos sobre la polarización de macrófagos hacia M1 y su función citocida frente a las células madre de glioblastoma
Funding body: Universidad de Valencia – INCLIVA
Principal Investigator: Javier Megías Vericat, Andrea Cabrera Pastor
Duration: 2021 – 2022
Total budget: 4.608 €
Reference: GV/2020/048
Title: Estudio de la angiogénesis en el glioblastoma y su asociación con inflamación y agresividad en tumores humanos y en cultivo in vitro. Introducción a la patología
Funding body: Conselleria de Innovación, Universidades, Ciencia y Sociedad Digital
Principal Investigator: Teresa San Miguel Díez
Duration: 2020 – 2021
Total budget: 12.420 €
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Title: Role of hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells in training immunity against infection
Doctoral candidate: Bono Tapp, Cristina
Director(s): Gil Herrero, María Luisa; Yáñez Boyer, Alberto; Megías Vericat, Javier
Date of the defense: 10/02/2023
University: Universitat de València

Title: Patrones de amplificación de egfr en el glioblastoma, e identificación de biomarcadores implicados en sus principales vías de señalización
Doctoral candidate: Navarro Cerveró, Lara
Director(s): Cerdá Nicolás, Miguel; López Giner, Concepción
Date of the defense: 28/10/2022
University: Universitat de València

Title: Biocompatibilidad y bioactividad de nuevos materiales para odontologia regenerativa
Doctoral candidate: Rodríguez Lozano, Francisco Javier
Director(s): Forner Lozano, Leopoldo; Llena Puy, María del Carmen; López Gines, Concepción
Date of the defense: 03/12/2021
University: Universitat de València

Title: Dynamics in the magnetospheres of compact objects
Doctoral candidate: Mahlmann, Jens Florian
Director(s): Aloy Toras, Miguel Ángel; Cerdá Durán, Pablo
Date of the defense: 22/07/2020
University: Universitat de València