Guillermo Sáez Tormo

Guillermo Sáez Tormo

Dr. Sáez became a Doctor of Medicine and Surgery in 1983 after studying at the University of Valencia. The work for his doctoral thesis, led by Prof José Viña Ribes in partnership with Prof. Sir Hans A. Krebs, was developed in the Clinical Chemistry and Metabolic Research Department at Oxford University. In 1982, he published his initial results on the identification of free radicals using paramagnetic electron resonance and described their cytotoxic effect in different biological systems. 

He was a Juan March Foundation research student in the Research Department at the Hospital Ramón y Cajal in Madrid and subsequently completed his experimental training in the Kaplan Cancer Institute at the New York University Medical Centre and in the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre Department of Pathology between 1990 and 1993, where as a contracted Research Professor and a Ministry of Education research scholar, he developed and used molecular biology techniques to identify point mutations in tumor suppressor genes as a physiopathogenic mechanism of neoplastic illnesses. 

The Research Unit he now directs —in the University of Valencia Oxidative Pathology Unit (UPOX-UV; Unidad de Patología Oxidativa) laboratory— specializes in describing toxic-metabolic effects and identifying oxygen-reactive species induced by different anti-tumor agents. His scientific interests focus on studying the role of oxidative stress as a pathogenic mechanism involved in cardiovascular processes and tumor diseases, with a special interest in the oxidation of genetic material and its repair systems. 

He has worked actively with national and foreign research groups and continues to lead the management of several scientific research projects aiming to translate laboratory techniques and biochemical and experimental biology knowledge into clinical practice. As result of his scientific activity he has published more than 118 articles in international journals and has directed or co-directed 23 doctoral theses. 

He is now a permanent Senior Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in a position linking him as the Clinical Head of the Clinical Analysis Service at the Hospital Universitario Dr. Peset in Valencia.