Área Metabolismo

Aging and Physical Exercise research group

José Viña Ribes

Dr. José Viña Ribes is a permanent Senior Professor of Physiology at the University of Valencia. After studying medicine at the University of Valencia, he began his biomedical research at the University of Oxford, as part of the Medical Research Council, under the direction of Prof. Hans Krebs, obtaining his doctorate in 1976. 

Prof. Viña was awarded an honorary doctorate by the Université de Rennes 2 in France, after being suggested by Professor Paul Delamarche, dean of the Faculty of Physical Education at the same university. He was also awarded an honorary doctorate from the Argentine University of Buenos Aires. 

Dr. Viña’s research focuses on ageing and free radicals, diseases associated with ageing such as Alzheimer disease, and metabolic disorders during ageing along with the frailty associated with it. His group is currently studying specific genes expressed in centenarians and their regulation through diet and exercise. He is the director of the INCLIVA Foundation Metabolism and Organ Damage Research group which investigates ageing and its associated diseases. 


Alzheimer disease research line:
•    Discovery of a glutamate-excitotoxicity pathway as the result of detecting increased levels of glutaminase. 
Physical exercise research line:
•    Demonstration of the protective role of physical exercise in the treatment of senile sarcopenia, as well as research into the molecular basis sustaining that improvement. 
•    Establishing physical exercise prescription guidelines in the ageing population. 
•    Demonstration of the protective role of allopurinol in the muscular damage associated with playing professional football. 
Ageing research line:
•    Recruitment of the Spanish group to the Centenarian Study. 
•    Publication of the revised theory of free radicals in ageing.