The Clinical Research and Clinical Trials Unit (UICEC-INCLIVA) participates in the Biomedicine and Health Sciences R&D&I Support Platform of the Carlos III Health Institute. This unit collaborates with research staff interested in promoting independent clinical studies, advising them during their development, and helping them with management and monitoring tasks.

The main functions of the Unit are:

  • To provide methodological and regulatory support. To help develop clinical trial protocols, patient information sheets, informed consent forms and all documentation necessary to correctly develop studies in line with current regulations.
  • Start-up activities: The Unit helps with trial economic feasibility assessment. It also helps identify and select participating sites and sends information to national and local authorities, as well as to the Clinical Research Ethics Committee.
  • Development: helps management and development tasks within the clinical trial: data processing and report writing, and monitoring visits.
  • Clinical trial closure activities. Close out site visits, query resolution and final report writing.
Head of Unit

Marta Peiró


Patricia Caunedo


Ana Portolés
Merche Peris
Mireya Ferrandis
Carlos Peris

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