The unit’s objective is to carry out the maintenance of the quality and data protection aspects of the organization, as well as to advise and support the research staff with the needs they may have regarding these two issues.

Likewise, it is the institutional point of contact for any requirement or query regarding the certifications of the INCLIVA Foundation or its data protection policies and actions.


This unit is located on the third floor of the INCLIVA building.



  1. Support with compliance with regulatory management requirements
  2. Support with the design and implementation of management systems for certifications or accreditations
  3. Information on the certificates and accreditations available for inclusion or reference in the presentation of projects to competitive calls
  4. Management of compliance with requirements applicable to biomedical equipment linked to competitive research strategies

Data Protection

  1. Support for data protection planning from the design of the project/research study
  2. Support with the preparation or review of data protection elements related to projects and studies, such as the following:
    • Data Management Plan
    • Processing Activity Records
    • Impact Assessments
    • Treatment order contracts
    • Data Transfer Agreements
    • Management of data transfers outside the European Economic Area
    • Management of incidents or security breaches
  3. Support with the response to requirements of Authorities, collaborating companies or third parties regarding compliance with data protection regulations
  4. Support with the management of requests to exercise rights over personal data, from participants in research projects/studies

For comments or suggestions related to the quality of our services, you can send an email to