The Bioinformatics and Biostatistics Unit (UBB) is a core facility created in 2013 with the aim of driving, promoting and executing quality translational research through methodological and analytical support. The UBB integrates a number of professionals highly specialised in data analysis, both at the bioinformatics and biostatistical levels.

Currently, the UBB offers a broad portfolio of services available to both INCLIVA Foundation staff and external researchers.


This unit is located on the ground floor of INCLIVA.


Our mission is to foster, promote and execute quality translational research by offering methodological, analytical and computational support. To this end, our team offers you the most advanced technology through the following portfolio of services:

1) Bioinformatics services:

  • Analysis of gene panels, exomes and genomes (SNVs, indels, CNVs) in both tumour and germ line.
  • Design and validation of gene panels.
  • ‘De novo’ assembly of small genomes.
  • ‘De novo’ assembly of transcriptomes.
  • RNA-Seq data analysis (gene and isoform quantification, differential expression analysis, variant identification, fusion genes).
  • Microarray data analysis (both expression and methylation arrays).
  • Functional enrichment analysis (identification of biological functions, cellular components or molecular functions with gene ontology terms, identification of altered metabolic pathways or related diseases).
  • Complex network data integration, analysis and visualization.

2) Biostatistics services:

  • Design of clinical and epidemiological studies.
  • Sample size estimation.
  • Simulation techniques.
  • Supervised and unsupervised analysis techniques.
  • Predictive modelling.

3) Additional services:

  • Advice and methodological support to write protocols, research project proposals, articles, doctoral/MSc/BSc thesis.
  • Data mining and exploratory analysis of public databases.
  • Graphical representation of research results.
  • Curation and analysis of databases.
  • Training on demand.
  • Consulting.

Computing centre with 260 cores, 5TB of RAM, 250 TB of server storage, of which 14 are high-speed SSDs, for storage-intensive processes such as short sequence alignment or variant calling from BAM files and some 300 TB for secondary storage.


Sheila Zúñiga Trejos
Juan Antonio Carbonell Asins
Alberto Gómez Ramos
Pilar Natividad López

Responsible of the Unit

Dr. Sheila Zúñiga Trejos




Telephone: 961 97 35 19