General Management, Andrés Cervantes Ruipérez

Appointed by the Board of Trustees on the proposal of the Governing Board, its functions are set out in article 20 of the Statutes.

Ultimately responsible for implementing and coordinating the entity’s scientific and economic policy as determined by the highest governing body.

Serves an ex officio member of the Governing Board and Board of Trustees.


In accordance with the statutes, its functions are:

  1. To represent the Foundation in the absence of the president or the first vice president.
  2. Implement and enforce scientific and economic decisions of the Foundation’s governing bodies (both Board of Trustees and Governing Board), coordinating the activities of the scientific director and the economic director of the Foundation.
  3. Ultimately responsible for the Foundation’s scientific activity.
  4. Represent the Foundation in the president’s absence in institutional meetings, conferences and any other similar events in which the Foundation participates.
  5. Ensure the smooth running of the Foundation’s general services and coordinate the work of each unit
  6. Holds superior authority in staff management.
  7. Implement and organise agreements, events and works, service and supply contracts as necessary for day-to-day management, from the annual budget approved by the Board of Trustees.
  8. Exercise the power to request any type of paper or digital certificate from the Foundation for all public administration bodies and/or any type of public or private organization or entity.
  9. Follow-up of research, training and cooperation programs in conjunction with the scientific and economic directors of the Foundation.
  10. Work with the economic director in follow-up of economic-related aspects of the Foundation.
  11. Monitor and oversee the Foundation’s scientific management in general in conjunction with the scientific director.
  12. Promote relationships with other public and private organizations.
  13. Coordinate between the Foundation, the University Clinical Hospital, the Faculty of Medicine and the University of Valencia.

Dr. Andrés Cervantes was appointed general director of INCLIVA on 9 May, 2017.
He is Full Professor of Medicine at the University of Valencia.
His training as a resident medical intern took place at the Hospital Clínico Universitario of Valencia. After completing this residency, he obtained a predoctoral fellowship at the Free University Hospital in Amsterdam, where he obtained his Doctorate in the laboratory of cellular pharmacology, with work on multidrug resistance.
Professor Cervantes is Head of the Oncology Service of the Hospital Clínico Universitario of Valencia.
His areas of interest and research are gastrointestinal and gynaecological cancer, as well as phase I trials and new drug development.
As a clinical researcher in rectal cancer, he has published several papers on the quality of multidisciplinary work as well as on evaluating the quality of mesorectal surgery, how to optimize initial therapy choices and especially, how to treat cancer of the upper third of the rectum.
He has written more than 350 articles and reviewed papers published in different journals. He is also an editor of the journal Cancer Treatment Reviews.
He is president of the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO).
He is an associate editor in the gastrointestinal cancer section of the journal Annals of Oncology.

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Telephone: 961 97 3517

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The general director of the INCLIVA Foundation performs this role without remuneration
Remuneration: Without remuneration
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