Dra. Mª Jesús Sanz Ferrando

Principal Investigator
Research Group on Inflammation


Dr. Sanz is Full Professor at the Department of Pharmacology, University of Valencia since 2009 and co-coordinator of the Inflammation Group at the Institute of Health Research of the University Clinic Hospital of Valencia (INCLIVA). President of the Spanish Society of Pharmacology (2014- 2019) and since 2016, member of the Federation of European Pharmacological Societies (EPHAR) Executive Committee.

Since 1992 her research has been focused in the area of Immunity and Inflammation mainly on the study of the molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in endothelial dysfunction. Nowadays, her group is evaluating the impact of the systemic inflammation associated to different diseases (primary hypercholestetolemia, metabolic syndrome, COPD or menopause) in the development of further cardiovascular disorders (CVD) such as atherosclerosis or abdominal aortic aneurysm. This traslational research has allowed to find new potential biomarkers of CVD and/or new therapeutic interventions to prevent it.

She has been evaluator of the Spanish National Evaluation Agency (ANEP) and other regional agencies. Consequently, she became adjunct to the Coordinator of ANEP (Spanish Ministry of Innovation and Competitiveness, 2009-2013) and since 2018 she is a collaborator of the Spanish Research Council (AEI). Internationally, she has evaluated projects for the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI), the Wellcome Trust, the European Commission (Horizon 2020 projects), etc.

As result of her research she has published around 120 original articles and reviews in relevant peer-reviewed journals and 9 book chapters. 70% of the indexed publications are published in Q1 journals (40% of them in D1 journals). Her h-index is 37. She has supervised 14 PhD students and the work carried out has been continuously funded as a PI in competitive national and regional grants since 1999. She has given around 25 invited lectures and seminars in national and international forums and has made numerous stays in different foreign research centres: more than 3 years at the NHLI of the Imperial College (London, UK), two years at the Immunology Science Research Group of the University of Calgary (Calgary, Canada).

Dr. Mª Jesús Sanz Ferrando


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Referencia: PROMETEO/2019/032
Título: Una aproximación translacional desde la clínica a la experimentación animal: Estudio del papel del eje CCL11/CCR3 y la inflamación eosinofílica en la patología cardiovascular asociada a desórdenes metabólicos
Entidad Financiadora: Conselleria de Educación Cultura y Deporte
Investigador principal: Mª Jesús Sanz Ferrrando
Duración: 2020 – 2023
Presupuesto: 211.736 €

Referencia: SAF2017-89714-R
Título: Modulación farmacológica del sistema inmune como diana clave en la prevención de la enfermedad cardiovascular asociada a desordenes metabólicos. Síntesis de fármacos novedosos
Entidad Financiadora: Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad
Investigador principal: Mª Jesús Sanz Ferrando, Juan F. Ascaso Gimilio
Duración: 2018 – 2021
Presupuesto: 205.700 €